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If you are visiting this page because your baby died or you have experienced early pregnancy loss, I am so very sorry. I know my words can't remove your pain, but it is my hope that we can share something here through a mutual understanding.

About me

My name is Ann-Maree Imrie. I live in Sydney and practised as a Social Worker for 10 years working with children, young people and families, including grief and bereavement work. Sharing in people’s stories of love and loss was very special to me. I learned a lot about grief this way, but I didn’t realise its full impact, and the total devastation of its heartbreak until Friday 30th January 2015. On this date, my husband and I heard the words every parent dreads - “I’m sorry. There is no heartbeat”. Our beautiful boy, Xavier Rocket Imrie was stillborn the next day.

After five months leave, I decided to take a break from Social Work, and returned to my workplace in an administrative role. In time I slowly started getting back in the swing of everyday life. My husband and I made the decision to try for another baby, and on 14th March 2017, we were lucky enough to welcome Xavier’s baby brother into the world. His name is Kai Rocket Imrie, and in a very special coincidence, he was born at 2:18pm – the exact same time as Xavier.  

I have found great comfort in reading other parents stories of baby loss, and their process of healing. And so I want to share my story in the hope that I can do the same for someone else. I’d also love to raise awareness and break the deafening silence around pregnancy and infant loss along the way.


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  • You Could Have Been

     - A children’s picture book for bereaved parents to read to their child who died, or didn’t survive a pregnancy.


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If you would like any further information about my book, please contact me on the email address below:



'You Could Have Been...'.

'You Could Have Been' by Ann-Maree Imrie

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